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Tumblr Emergency Hiatus

I’ve been considering this and I think I will need to ban myself from tumblr again for the sake of the exams. I will be having them on the 28th and the 30th and I feel very underprepared the more I look at the past papers and my study notes. There is just too much information to keep in mind and I feel that I will need to isolate myself completely to cram these last few days just so that I can scrap a pass. I am not happy about it but I’m getting hysterical at this stage and I need to completely immerse myself in my study notes.

Just… both are going to be 3 hours, have essay questions and they just cover such a huge area of information that I really doubt I have the mental capacity to remember. People may tell me that I seem intelligent but in the face of tests, I become pretty stupid and the terror of failing is ever present. 

I’m just really afraid and I hope that it won’t go as horribly as I fear. (on top of that I am flying back to Scotland tomorrow, so it seems like a good time for me to force a hiatus here) See you all in a few days and take care!

I found your british isles oc critiques and thought "damn they know their stuff"! Then I read behind the mask now knowing it was the same person but then found this tumblr where you talked about it! I started poking around a little and found all your drawings, ocs and headcanons and such. Then I was like follow!! She is so smart!

Aaah that’s really interesting how you followed the trail and eventually came to this blog. ^^ Also pretty surprised that it started with my critique blog, I always assumed that it was a rather underground blog that few people paid attention to but I’ve been told in the past that this isn’t really the case. (which makes me both happy but a bit wary at the same time, I’ve always been afraid that I might get hate for the critique blog as they’re generally not well seen.) But aah it really makes me happy to read that you stuck around and enjoy the other things I do as well. owo Thank you so much! ^^ 

I actually found your tumblr on accident while looking up art of aph New Zealand. Before this, I had actually been watching you on dA beforehand and when I saw the style, I at first thought someone stole your art before realizing it was you. I found you interesting. Like...I love learning new information but beyond that, I met a wonderful person who deserves more love than people give her owo

Oh cool! It’s always a bit funny when you accidently stumble on something while you were looking for something else. ^^ I think the chances of my art being stolen are rather low, the art itself is not that great but I also just believe that it would be difficult for anyone to prove that it is their art. (I am too lazy to make clean lineart out of my penicl sketches but in a way that works in my favour) Aww gosh thank you so much for your touching words! o////o I really appreciate your message, thank you! *hugs tightly*  

"tell me why u follow me on anon": cuz i luv ur brain and ideas and creativity and everything.

Oh wow, I’m thankful that you enjoy my ideas! ^^ I’m really flattered, thank you!

Because you have great OC's, know lots of interesting things about history and though I don't really talk to you seam like a really nice person. Plus you were my first follow on tumblr!

Gosh, thank you so much for your touching words! ^///^ I’m very happy to read that you enjoy my OCs so much, thank you! 

Hmmm I follow you because you're an amazing and intelligent person as well as a great and royal friend! I love your art and writing and you truly inspire me and you were one of the first people who welcomed me on this site! I follow you because I value you greatly as a friend and as an individual of many different talents and because your posts and comments make me happy and also because but for you, my experience on here wouldn't have been the same! ( 。˘∀˘。)人(。˘∀˘。 )

Thank you so much anon, though not too anon as I have a pretty good idea who you are. XD Likewise you are a very bright and warm-hearted person, you are all around a wonderful and awesome friend! I consider myself lucky to have met you and to have started talking with you, I am endlessly thankful for your friendship. Thank you so much for your wonderful message and I hope that I’ll continue to see you flourish and let your dreams shine strong and bright! *hugs very tightly* 

I follow you because your headcanons are amazing and you're basically just an all round cool person yeah

Aaah thank you so much!! It makes me happy that you enjoy my headcanons, thank you! :D

I follow you because of the cute animal pictures you find and scenery from around the world. I love all the adorable Hetalia pictures you reblog, too! The best part about your blog though, is when I catch a glimpse of your art and headcanons. Now those are the best!

O///O Aah thank you anon! I’m happy to read that you enjoy so many aspects of my blog, from the things I reblog to the art and headcanons I create. (especially flattered to read that you enjoy the latter part!)  Thank you!! *hugs tightly*

hi this is IT expert from yesterday : it's called "air duster" and I got it from electronics e-shop (I would tell you which one but as I live nowhere near British Isles...) a lot people use it so if you google it you shouldn't have any problems :)

Ah alright, I’ll have a look into it after the exams. ^^ Thank you so much for your advice, it is greatly appreciated!!