Celts - Children of the Secret One

you can also do top 3 most and least if you have too many characters nwn


you can also do top 3 most and least if you have too many characters nwn

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Cool. As for Shetland’s name, maybe have a variation of Catherine in her name. Looking at all of their early names, it would be cool if there was some animal symbolism with them!
That’s an interesting idea! Although I would have to keep my eyes peeled for a variant that’s reasonably present in Shetland, which I can’t imagine would be easy. Although she could simply have the nickname “Cat” which only those who know her early history would understand… idk, I’m not yet sure what kind of personal names are typically found in Shetland and I suspect I should be looking more into Norse-influenced names. 

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#!!!!#i miss seeing your art#this made me explode in happiness#your art + headcanons both give me warm fuzzy homey feelings#:))))#i am amused by the idea of scotland being a total nag#so seeable#i also love shetland and orkney’s designs#i hope to see them more in the future!!#kimanda’s ocs#brilliance#happiness#aph scotland#aph shetland#aph orkney#aph hetalia

Thank you so much Gwyn, I’m really happy to read that you enjoyed the picture and the headcanons attached to it that much! ^^ It’s actually odd because I never really gave it much thought, but Scotland could potentially come across as very naggy when he wants to be. And him being a nagging little brother to his elder siblings is quite amusing to imagine. (granted Shetland and Orkney are maybe a year older than him in modern times but in the beginning, there was a slightly bigger age gap) There’s another picture coming up with them but after that I don’t know, I have so many pictures that I want to draw out. ^^; Thank you! *hugs*


the whole concept of flirting is just lost on me most of the time really. whenever someone is like “oh they were flirting with you” i’m just like. what. whenever someone is like “were you flirting with them?” i’m just like. what. whenever someone is like “oh you totally were flirting with them!” i’m just like. what. what is flirting. what is going on. what. i have no idea what’s going on. what


You know this dude


Yeah APH Scotland. I love him a lot. Pretty much since i’ve join the fandom. Like it’s been two days since i’m binge watching AMV about him.

But doing this makes me wonder something. The Scotland most Hetalian know is an OC. The closest we have to a canon design is this.


And again i’m not even sure if this is actually the canon design, I assumed this because this was in the background of hetalia archive. If someone know where this is from feel free to tell me.

And now I am asking a big question. Why is it more easy founding video about him than some canon character like Cuba or Monaco?

Well this character is better known as Pixiv Scotland as he comes from that site or he’s called Repoko’s Scotland as it was Repoko who created him. Calling him APH Scotland… is a bit confusing as there are many Scotland OCs that exist in the Hetalia fandom.

To answer your question, I think it’s simply because pixiv Scotland is far more popular than Cuba and Monaco and has more fanart as a result. (and more fanart means more AMVs, basically) 

The second picture that you refer to as Scotland’s possible canon design is actually another Scotland OC who belongs to fir3h34rt on dA:

Really, the only hint at a canon design we have of Scotland is this sketch:

Back in 2011, Himaruya drew this when a fan asked him to draw Scotland and France. He responded that Scotland hadn’t appeared yet and added that he saw Scotland as “friendly and brave. likes alcoholic, cat, haggis, rich cultural heritage”.

Trust Me: Chapter 7


Rating: T
Pairings: Australia/New Zealand, others mentioned
Characters: Various
Variation: Demon/Angel AU

Summary: Wellesley Raleigh would like to think he lived a normal life, that is until some madman in a Porsche ran him over and proceeded to tell him to marry him because he was the king of hell. Because apparently nothing said I love you like being run over by a stolen Porsche.

Characters Featured:

  • New Zealand
  • Denmark

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So, second to last chapter. It’s been an adventure writing this and I want to thank you all for sticking by with me and my sporadic updates but i said I would get this finished before summer was out/I started college and I plan on achieving that!


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*sigh* Just saw another England OC roaming dA because the OC creator argues that Himaruya clearly decided that canon England is actually Britain and thus represents Great Britain, not England.

…not gonna bother with that one.


[[admin note : i read fast and read “other countries” instead of other powers. sorry about that. and also sorry but turkey’s unrequited love for a libidinous mama greece is my guilty pleasure bye]]

free!talia au in which NZ is mocking OZ for getting so upset over Hutt beating his ass at swimming!


There’s something oddly intimidating about the new guy, Gilbert thinks, jumpin as the shorter man more or less just appeared beside him, hands clasped behind his back and smiling up at the pale teen. 

"So, what happened to Lil Miss Sunshine to make him so grumpy?"

Gilbert’s not too sure who e’s on about at first, anyone from Roderiech to Arthur coming to mind at the mention of grumpy, following the others line of vision and mouth forming a small ‘o’ upon seeing who he was looking it.


Of course it was James. Who else in the vacinity could be referred to as grumpy? Certainly not Preben, the Dane he was currently lecturing over something, who still managed to be a ball of eternal sunshine and rainbows whilst looking sheepish.

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'course I like the guy we helped each other a LOT through times, like this one time England CAME TO MY PLACE AFTERWARDS ONLY TO KICK US, THAT ASSHOLE // Ireland

Oh you’re right, I’m sorry, I just thought I should do something because YOU WERE HELPING HIM, DUMBASSS // England

[[The Spanish Armada in Ireland : in 1588, Phillip II sent his armada to invade England. However, the spanish were defeated, and decided to head back home through the North Atlantic. Of course, they didn’t plan the violent storms that made them CRASH on the west coast of Ireland. Because of it, English government freaked out, thinking the irish who were being conquered at the time would join the spanish. Yet, when they realized the armada crashed, so Fitzwilliam just ordered that all spaniards be captured and hanged, while anyone helping them be tortured and charged as a traitor to the Crown. From England with love.]]